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DOTI manufactures custom mirrors and optics from a wide variety of glass and composite materials in sizes up to 134+". We are currently in the process of expanding to part sizes of up to 144", with in-house coatings available for parts of up to 108", and can work with customers on coatings for larger parts. DOTI's innovative techniques utilize specialized materials such as Optical Composites, Soda Lime Float Glass, Quartz, Fused Silica, ULE®, Starphire®, Borofloat®, and BK-7®.

DOTI supplies optical coatings customized for specific tasks and wavelengths, using superior Enhanced Aluminum, Protected Aluminum, Gold, Silver, UV Coatings utilizing Hafnium, and others. Coatings can be engineered to perform over a broad spectral range.


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