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Fine optics manufactured with robust durability and safety in mind.

Lone Star Shatter Shield is a DOTI first-surface mirror product laminated for added structural strength and safety. DOTI has developed the ability to laminate to glass, acrylic, metals, etc. This laminating process is a custom DOTI-developed application that we have already been successful in applying to various requirements including techniques for laminating collimating mirrors to create mirrors that are nearly impossible to rupture.

DOTI's original laminating process was developed to meet a customer's need to laminate together dissimilar materials in a highly customized manner. The laminated optical components needed to meet specific transmission characteristics, internal quality requirements, and certain rigidity standards.


DOTI successfully developed the product line not only to meet this customer's requirement; we then applied its many successes to several other application areas. A significant benefit of this process is that the laminated materials become highly break and shatter resistant. Even if a customer were to damage this mirror, it will probably be able to be used without compromising its utility, while ordering a replacement mirror.


This process has been tested to ANSI Z97.1 (L) Level B. We have verified this process. Verification of process runs or required changes can be accomplished.

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Product Applications

LS3 was developed for use in systems and displays that may be in direct public contact, displays with extreme vibration and sudden stops, or any application where safety is paramount.

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Hand Selected Glass

DOTI provides permanent lamination of the highest quality glass available (without grinding and polishing) as our "standard" LS product. 


Highest Optical Quality

DOTI is able to control it's grinding and polishing processes to an incredible degree and is able to provide customers with extremely flat laminated mirror substrates that are immensely rupture resistant. 


Laminated Beam Splitters

DOTI has laminated beam splitter coated substrates for use where the beam splitters would be used in a public setting. The customers wanted to mitigate risk. DOTI has laminated beam splitting coatings inside a "sandwich" which gives the customer the added safety benefit, as well as having the additional advantage of ensuring that the optical coatings would not be rubbed off with the repeated cleanings needed when optics are subject to public exposure. 

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