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Collimated light is a bundle of light rays traveling parallel to one another which implies the light will not disperse with distance. Collimating Displays have been in existence for at least 30 years. Some credit Singer-Link with developing the first collimating display for training a pilot with a more realistic visual display system that included a television monitor being reflected off a beam splitter and onto a concave spherical mirror, the positioning of which provided the observer with light rays that were essentially collimated.

The value of collimated light in simulation and gaming is that it provides the viewer with the most accurate and realistic depiction of the simulation activity, unlike flat panel trainers.

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Product Applications

Collimating systems are an invaluable part of any industry that needs realistic, immersive simulation. We offer customization of size, materials, projectors, etc.







S.T.A.A.G. - Simulation Training and Advanced Gaming

photo rendering of a collimating system

A perfect balance of size, realism, and affordability.


STAAG fully collimated systems provide many benefits of the larger 10' and 11' systems, but in a smaller, lighter package that is easier to deploy, manage, and maintain. 

Designed for a single eye point, STAAG produces the ultimate training/gaming experience in the simulation market today. This is accomplished using DOTI precision collimated spherical mirrors to provide clear and bright images with an extremely dense pixel count per degree FoV (Field of View). 

System Specifications

WAC Window - Wide Angle Collimated Display System

photo of a wide angle collimating system

Realistic flight training in a compact design, this collimated WAC Window System offers one of the industry's largest Fields of View for a single channel display. 

Used in a wide variety of simulation markets, this low cost trainer will provide the user with one of the most realistic training experiences while keeping overall training cost to a minimum. 

System Specifications

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