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Performance Enhanced Replacements for Mylar Applications

Displays & Optical Technologies, Inc. has been developing and refining its PERMA® process to satisfy our customers’ need for an accurate and light weight solution for glass first surface mirrors that will replace Mylar reflectors. Recent advancements in the technology of both the projection and screen industries have fostered a need to produce a highly accurate mirror that will better utilize the full potential of these systems. Since 2008, DOTI has been supplying highly accurate glass mirrors as a better, longer lived, more rigid and higher reflectivity solution to the fold mirror need.

DOTI has developed a proprietary backing, mounting and holding process that provides our customer with a mirror assembly that is not only light weight and stable, but is far flatter both locally and globally than any other lightweight mirrors available. Typical weight for our standard mirror assemblies are approximately 3.4 pounds per square foot using a 1/8” glass first surface mirror with an overall combined assembly thickness of about 1.06”.

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Product Applications

PERMA® mirrors are highly customizable to suit the needs of our customers. To accommodate any application, we offer customization of mirror grade, thickness, coating, surface accuracy, reflectivity, durability, AoI optimization, backer/mirror size, shape, mounting points, etc. Additional options for finish, marking, and crating are available.

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Fold Mirrors




Faceted Systems

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ExPres PERMA® Mirrors

DOTI offers an upgraded version of our PERMA® line of mirrors for applications that demand hyper-flatness and surface smoothness for high resolution and high brightness projection displays. This PERMA® line is optically ground and polished to eliminate all the micro-ripples that are present in all float glass (due to the manufacturing process). DOTI is able to grind and polish this material to a true optical-quality surface.


We offer a PERMA® mirror that has a flatness deviation of a fraction of a wave per inch compared to commercial and selected float glass with an average of 3-6 waves of deviation. The surfaces also have a smoothness that has previously only been available on precision optical products. This becomes increasingly valuable as display systems increase in brightness, resolution, and size.


Using ExPres PERMA® mirrors, our customers can better utilize the full potential of the newest high end projectors and screens available.

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