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Achieving Our Goals

Apr 20, 2018

Update from DOTI

Over the past year, DOTI has been focused on proving to the simulation industry, our commitment to manufacturing large format (9’, 10’ and 11’ radius) optical grade spherical glass mirrors for both military and commercial flight simulators. We have been successful in achieving our goals to this point and are proud to say we are now taking our growth to the next level. DOTI is in the process of adding new manufacturing equipment to our newest building. We have designed and are building an additional large grinding and polishing machine to be better prepared for future sales of these larger format mirrors, and have more announcements to come.

DOTI has just recently completed source inspection on a massive 5 mirror set for a major simulation integrator. In addition, DOTI will be rolling out a second set of these large format mirrors over the next few weeks to meet a demanding schedule for the final install. Both systems are for the same company and will be providing the commercial simulation market with DOTI glass mirrors.

DOTI has begun manufacturing on four sets of glass mirror upgrades that follow these commercial projects. These sets will be delivered into the Military market for another major integrating customer (customers to remain undisclosed at this time). These sets will be deliverable in 2018 and 2019. The four mirror sets will be divided into two different designs of two systems each.

Customer interest in massive collimating mirrors and flat mirror production (new and existing business) have surpassed our expectations during the past year and we appreciate the support of our established customers and the opportunity to prove ourselves to new customers, as well. Increases in business and even demanding delivery schedules will be met as DOTI continues to expand and advance to meet our market’s needs for the future.

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